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We may be on the path to eating right, but a colorful trend on the opposite side of the spectrum is gaining ground. For many, it’s a hard one to fathom.

Unnaturally colored comfort foods are being transformed into “technicolor” works of art, and yes, they are edible! After the viral success of rainbow-colored-foods in 2015, these food items are selling out once again.

Psychedelic donuts, bagels and cupcakes are raking in absurd numbers of social media likes, but it isn’t stopping at baked goods. Eye-catching classic foods are getting the techni-makeover. Grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, pasta, mashed potatoes and even lima beans have fallen victim to this unconventional trend. It’s also the reason a popular barista added food coloring to steamed milk, taking his latte art to a whole new level.


Why the evolution of the rainbow popularity has transcended into an even brighter technicolor trend, it is still a bit of a mystery. Colors can be associated with different tastes, such as red and pink for sweetness, or green for sour, so could it be consumers are viewing technicolor foods as “more flavorful” than the previous non-colored counterparts?


One blogger went as far as attributing it to “millennial plague” also known as FOMO, (fear of missing out) stating when friends on social media see others in giddy, eye-poppingly bright novelty food pictures, they cant help but want to taste the rainbow too!

Regardless of the reasoning, it appears as though any concerns about artificial coloring by those partaking in what once felt like a childlike food trend, has now graduated into a full-fledged adult trend without much concern of the additives required to intensify the colors.


Have you experienced or is your property offering any technicolor food items? If so, chime in the comments below about your thoughts on the trend.

This article was published by Sherri Scheck-Merrill on in HotelsMag, under the title “Technicolor taste trend”

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